Service Manager Change Request Run Book

Mar 21, 2014 at 3:44 PM
I have a run book that pulls information from SCSM Change Request, gets the Change Request ID and information on the Change Request, then gets the Business Service and associated users and groups to the business service referenced in the change request. The problem that I have been trying to solve is that the groups may or may not be email enabled, so I am enumerating each user in the group to get their email address. I use these email address to send emails about the change request to the interested parties of the business service with information about when, why, who and what is being done in the change request for the business service (this also works for the servers and their interested parties). My problem is that this generates multiple emails to each person because of the group(s) they are in. All of this stems from the SCORCH data bus which returns a separate value each time it enumerates an email address and puts this on the bus. I have tried using flatten with a ; to separate the values, but still get multiple emails. I have tried using Run .NET activity to use power shell to try to put all of these email address into one value for use in the email. So far all of my attempts to send only one email have failed.

Has anyone been successful in getting all of the values from a multi value data bus into a single value for use in the next activity?