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Invoke Runbook from sharepoint list items

Mar 5, 2014 at 4:15 AM
HI All
I'm new to codeplex and relatively new to orchestrator (hoping I have posted this question in the right place)
just wondering if anyone could shed some light on something I am trying to achieve.
We are a rather large network with 3 remote sites, At present I have configured a SharePoint list that is looking at our central repository database that houses all of our staff information.
Essentially the work flow is that our administration staff enter the name of the new employee in the SharePoint list, the list then pulls other information from our database IE what site they will working on, what there position will be manager, student etc. etc.
From here I have multiple run books in orchestrator, these all have Monitor SharePoint list as the first step, each monitor SharePoint list item in each run book is set with specific filters from the SharePoint list IE if they are from site1 and they are a manager then run this run book, the other run books then ignore this as they all have specific filters set for the numerous other flavours of account. From there the run book creates the user account and home drive on the specific site server for that person....
I am trying to achieve the same result with only one monitor SharePoint list action and then invoking the correct run book rather than have multiple run books all polling the list how ever I'm a bit stuck on how to go about this to invoke the correct run book as I am using the filters in the monitor SharePoint list action.
As I said I'm pretty green when it comes to orchestrator but If anyone has some pointers that would be great!!!!!!!!