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QIK CLI Activity Migration to Orchestrator

If you have an assembly that was created using the Opalis 6.3 QIK CLI Wizard, you will need to convert it to be compatible with Orchestrator before it can be used either in an Orchestrator Integration Pack or used directly in runbooks via the Invoke .NET activity. The conversion process is simple and only takes a few seconds per assembly.

To convert an Opalis QIK CLI Assembly:

1. Launch the Orchestrator Command-Line Activity Wizard by clicking Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center 2012 > Orchestrator > Command-Line Activity Wizard

2. When the wizard loads, click the Load existing assembly button on the first page.

3. Select your existing assembly file and then click Open. The name and file location of the assembly is shown.

4. Modify the file path so that the changes will be saved to a new file. You can also change the name of the assembly if necessary.

5. If you need to make further changes to the assembly information details, click the Assembly information button and make those changes. Click OK when done to return to the Assembly Details page.

6. Click Next to go to the Commands page. You should see a list of commands that were previously defined in the assembly. Review the commands if necessary and click Next to continue to the Building Assembly page.

7. Your new assembly will be built for you and saved using the path and filename you defined previously.

8. You can now use your new Orchestrator-compatible assembly in runbooks with the Invoke .NET activity, or you can build an Integration Pack from this assembly by clicking the Build Integration Pack button. If you do not wish to build an IP at this time, click Close to end the wizard.

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