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New to Orchestrator, having an issue with a runbook

Nov 4, 2013 at 7:04 PM

I've been recently messing around with orchestrator and I'm trying to create something and it just doesn't work!

Im trying to Create a folder, copy files into it from unc path then moving those files to multiple directories and unc paths.

Im trying to do a quick hotfix deploy runbook but Im stuck. The 1st step I do is I initialize data. I created five fields to input destination unc paths.

Flow is

Initialize data (unc paths, 4 total) ---> create folder --->Copy files from source to created folder ---> Move those files from created folder to published data from 1st step (initialize data)

It works but it only uses one unc path and doesn't seem to want to copy more then one file, even with * used. I cant get it to copy files to more then one unc path. I have 4 inputs on initialize data