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orchestrator, scorch, sco, and confused searching

May 30, 2012 at 4:56 PM

So, it's a little confusing getting started with Orchestator, SCOrch, SCO, or whatever we're calling it.  First off, can we settle on a name?  SCOrch appeals to me like PoSh does.  SCO makes me think of a flavor of Unix that sues its userbase, so let's not use that.

If we all start using the same name for it, googling, binging or whatever you're into will work better.

There's even 2 codeplex sites (I haven't looked for an Opalis one, nor should I):

And both seem to be updated, although the Orchestrator one has a much more updated-looking front page.

So, is there a name already picked?  If so, let's use it!